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Online Courses
TiPPD, Inc provides an array of approved online courses if you would like to start and maintain your career and license in the real estate industry. You can choose to be an Agent, Broker, Appraiser, or Home Inspector. Click on the career title of your choice below to get started.  
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Onsite Services
TiPPD, Inc. provides onsite courses as an approved training provider for the GREC (Georgia Real Estate Commission.)
Contact us today if you would like to schedule these courses at your location.
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Agent Optimal Success Training (AOST) Workshop
This 4 day training series breaks down as follows:
Day One - Your Business Plan and Brand
In this session, agents learn how to take their prior work, personal experiences and skills and make them marketable to buyers and sellers. They are then taught how to use this information to brand themselves uniquely from other agents in the marketplace. Additionally, they will create their own mission statement, and philosophy statement: principles that influence how they do business.
Day Two - Developing Your Marketing Strategy
In this session, agents will define, categorize, and develop their sphere of influence. They are then taught a specific marketing strategy for each sphere and a marketing timetable for 12 months. Additionally, they will create personalized phone scripts, marketing letters, and emails that reflect their uniqueness and guiding principles for doing business.
Day Three - Time Management and GAR Forms Review
During the first half of this day, agents are taught the key to life balance and a time management rating system. Thereafter, they'll create a time managed schedule with their goals, objectives, and action steps using the principles of life balance and the time management system. During the second half of the day, agents will review key contracts (Buyer Brokerage, Listing, Purchase and Sale Contracts) and create a 1 page cheat sheet for each.
Day Four - Overcoming Objections with the Buyer and Seller using GAR Forms
In this session, agents are taught how to change their cheat sheet into conversation when speaking with the buyer and seller; they are also given a game plan for how to turn a buyer into a client, handling buyers when they are ready to purchase; and they are given a game plan for handling listing appointments with the purpose of getting the buyer and seller to sign applicable contracts.
This training series is approved by the GREC to provide Post License, Renewal Course, and CE Course credit.
  • Post License students will receive 25 hours for the course once they take all 4 days, sit for and pass the exam.
  • Renewal Course students will receive up to 24 CEUs for the course once they take all 4 days.
  • Continuing Education students will receive 6 hours for each day as a separate course, (receiving 3 hours for one 1/2 day applied to the FIRST half of the 3rd day, "Time Management and GAR Forms Review" if they only need 3 CE hours).

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