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About Us
Welcome! TiPPD Enterprise (The Institute of Personal and Professional Development)
Your one-stop location for workable solutions to your professional and workplace relationship challenges.
TiPPD Enterprise, headquartered in the metro Atlanta, GA area was founded by Jacqueline Huggins, PhD in 2003 and provides in-class and onsite learning programs on how to communicate with, manage, lead and serve others in the workplace.
Our Communication, Management, Leadership and Customer Service training programs infuse learners with content. Our unique, interactive, problem based instructional strategies along with our development training days will turn that infusion into marked and measurable improvement—into transformation of people and processes. View our In Class Courses to learn more about our programs.
Our Mission
Commitment to Our Clients
Our goal is to provide individuals, teams, and organizations with personal and professional development services that will maximize comprehension, retention, and application of content. It is also to provide exceptional service at an affordable rate.
Our Vision
Aspirations for Our Clients
Our aim is to provide personal and professional development services that will help individuals, teams and organizations crystallize their vision and embark upon and successfully complete a journey that will lead to the fulfillment of life and organizational goals.
Our Philosophy
Thoughts that Influence Our Practices
We believe in life-long learning. This belief stems from a fundamental philosophy applicable to all people and that is: All we know is what we have been taught and what we have experienced. All that we know isn't all there is to know, and much of what we know may fall short of being right. Therefore, we believe in the continual pursuit of knowledge and learning experiences that will lead to personal and professional development.
Our Testimonials
Testimonials from Our Clients
We strive to make each client we work with a raving fan. High quality service is not an accident, hear what our clients think of us.

Marie Sanguinetti (Onsite Services Testimonial)
- Audio with Marie Sanguinetti
Global Talent Management & Organizational Development Leader at Jarden Consumer Solutions

Austin Blackmon (In Class Courses Testimonial)
“I took your… communication course last year. I just wanted to call and tell you that your class was probably one of the most useful professional classes I’ve ever taken. The changes I’ve been able to make in the way I interact with my co workers and with my management and with people in general has been noticed and commented on; and my direct supervisor said he’s quite impressed.

I think that what I learned from you and what I use and think about everyday is probably going to be the one thing more than anything else that’s going to advance my career. I thought about typing you an email but I figure I’d just call and leave you a message instead.”

- Austin Blackmon
Owner at Blackmon Consulting Services, LLC
Senior Systems Administrator at AgFirst Farm Credit Bank
Systems Administrator at Tegra Analytics

Jonothan Wheeless (Call Center Services Testimonial)
“I love the ability to forward our survey information to TiPPD and simply await the results at the beginning of each month. The TiPPD call center has significantly reduced the anxiety of our customers having to leave voice mails and wait for a call back.

We are gaining incredibly valuable feedback from our customers via the surveys. We have already implemented several improvements in our processes due to this feedback. Our customers also enjoy the benefit of speaking to a live person after hours.

IPA would absolutely recommend TiPPD to anyone who needs survey services, after hours call center services or any of the many other products TiPPD offers. We have always enjoyed working with TiPPD, for employee training or call center/survey services.”

- Jonothan Wheeless
Director of Customer Support
IPA (Innovation + Passion + Automation)

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