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Onsite Services
We can facilitate an array programs for your group at our location, such as our Communication, Management, Leadership and Customer Service Training programs from our In-Class Courses selection; or, we can customize and facilitate training for your group at your location. Call us to find out more or complete and submit the online Pre Training Analysis Survey and someone from our staff will contact you.
  • Our Approach
  • Our Strategy
  • Pre Training Analysis
Our Approach
Our Approach to Staff Analysis and Development
Assess :
We will hold a preliminary conversation to conduct an official PLA (Pre Learning Analysis). Best practices and current trends in Communications, Management/Leadership and Customer Service will be discussed during this meeting.
Design :
We will study the data and create a tailored program with specially designed activities and strategies that focus on the learning objectives and expected performance outcomes as outlined in the PLA.
Develop :
We will develop the curriculum, which ensure greater comprehension and application of content.
Implement :
We will facilitate the course content and solicit verbal feedback throughout the session to ensure a positive response to the learning and application of content.
Evaluate :
Learners will be given a level 1 assessment at the end of the training. The information from these evaluations will be shared with the Subject Matter Expert and /or Point of Contact for your organization and will allow us to make changes in facilitation processes or content for subsequent sessions.


Our Strategy
Our Instructional Strategy
Training classes will include the following methodology for each objective :
Learning Team Discussions
We will help you gather best practices on core objectives; itemize challenges and develop workable solutions for those challenges.
Individual/Group Activities
We will provide tools and strategies to help you develop action plans that address objectives.
Instructor Coaching Sessions
These sessions are included when you execute activities. We will help you modify your action plans and/or strategies.
Reflection on Learning
We’ll ask you to outline your most important “take aways” from the session by responding to written questions or in open discussion in learning teams. Additionally, our training is:
  • Motivational
  • Highly interactive


Pre Training Analysis
By providing the following information, you will ensure that we meet your specific training needs.
 City, State, Country
Coordinator Phone
Title Fax
Alternative Contact Phone
Additional persons the facilitator should contact
Program Title    
Date Alternative Date
From To Number of Participants (Approx)
Describe the principle business activity of
your organization
Number of Employees Number of Locations
Recent Events and/or Changes  
Describe recent events or changes in the organizational or business environment that may have had either a positive or negative impact on the perceptions of the program participants.  (Such events or changes might include:  mergers or acquisitions, changes in management, policy or procedural changes, a change of location, organizational reengineering, legislative or legal actions, a rapid growth or reduction in staff.)
Describe major accomplishments of this group in the last year  
Are there topics that should not be addressed or areas that may be sensitive?
What is the main objective the organization wants to accomplish with this program?
Why are you conducting this training/initiative?  How did you identify the need for the training/initiative?
What specific topics or areas do you want covered in the training/initiative? 
What would you like participants to be able to do after the training/initiative that they currently are not doing?  What are your desired outcomes of the training/initiative?
How will this training/initiative improve the productivity of the participants?
How will the success of the training/initiative be determined? 
In the past, what has made training/learning initiatives successful for this group? 
List the job functions or titles of the participants
What is the education level of the participants?  
What training have the participants had in the last two years?

Is attendance

Optional   Mandatory
What are the participants' expectations and/or attitudes about this training?
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