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Independent Contract Trainers
 Instruction must be fun and imaginative with a learner-centered focus  Degree required, (advanced degree preferred)
 Training expertise/experience must be in one or more of the following
    Communication Training
    Management and Leadership Training
    Customer Service Training
 Must be able to commit to a training schedule
 If you would like to be considered for an Independent Contractor Trainer position with TiPPD, Inc.
    Please complete the application form and attach your resume/vitae.
 Please send a DVD demonstrating your facilitation skills to our mailing address. Thank you for your interest.
 Business Phone
 Cell Phone
 Other Phone
 How did you hear  about  TiPPD, Inc.
  Facilitation Expertise (check all that apply in order of experience)
      Communication Training    No. of years        
      Management and Leadership Training    No. of years        
      Customer Service Training    No. of years        
      Career Development Training    No. of years        
List of Clients . Please separate each client with a comma.
Have you had experience delivering third party material? Please explain.
Coaching and Other Professional Certifications (i.e.  MBTI, AFC, PMP) Note Please separate each coaching certification using a comma.
What are your most relevant experiences in delivering programs with the above certifications?
What are your goals and expectations for working with TiPPD, Inc.?
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 Please note that the recruitment and interviewing process of contract trainers includes a background check of  your  education, employment, and criminal history.
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